English as the communication language in Science

On 14 January, 2009, EPWS participated in the Expolangues fair in Paris.

Expolangues is a unique event aiming at the promotion of learning languages, defending multilingualism and developing international communication.
For more information about this event, please visit its website.

The European Commission was this year guest of honour at Expolangues. EPWS had the opportunity to give its view on the use of English as the communication language in Science at a roundtable entitled “Languages and Competitiveness”. Commissioner for multilingualism Leonard Orban was also present and defended the importance of multilingualism for a prosperous Europe.

If Europe aims at one single currency, there will not be one unique language said Mr. Orban.
The discussion, led by Philippe Dessain, journalist at TV5, was a great exchange between the Commission, the business sector and the social actors such the trade unions and EPWS.

The platform is grateful to the Directorate General Education and Culture and in particular to Commissioner Orban for the invitation to participate to this debate. This opportunity was a great challenge for EPWS to express views in a field not directly linked with scientific research but without a doubt of great importance.

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