ECEPIE announces the edition of GenderTIME’s Monitoring Handbook

Monitoring Handbook: Methods and tools for monitoring developed in the GenderTIME project

ECEPIE, GenderTIME’s coordinator, has the pleasure to announce the recent edition of its Monitoring Handbook

This Handbook offers guidelines and recommendations on monitoring which were developed and applied during four years of monitoring activities in the GenderTIME project. This project was funded by the European Commission in FP7 between January 2013 and December 2016.

ecepie handbook


The purpose of GenderTIME was to promote organizational structural change and to increase the participation and career advancement of women researchers in seven research and higher education institutions in seven European countries.

The Handbook also includes detailed information about the specific monitoring tools that were designed and implemented within the GenderTIME project. As a Handbook, it thus presents the reader with “guidance on ‘how to’ and practical tools” that can be used to strengthen monitoring efforts in change.

Authors: Peterson, Helen; Dahmen, Jennifer
Editor: Gothenburg Studies in Work Science, 1/2018, pp 57
ISBN 978-91-87876-19-6

Consult the handbook here.


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