Call for the selection of directors for research, study and innovation in Evaluation of Public Policies and Religious Studies
1 (Premise)
Confirmed and recognized for the quality of its research in science and technology and for its high economic and social impact, the Fondazione Bruno Kessler is renowned for its focus on interdisciplinarity and complexity.
With its 3,500 square meters of laboratories and scientific facilities, and drawing on a community of over 400 stable researchers, 140 PhD students, 200 visiting fellows and/or students writing their dissertations, as well as 700 affiliated and/or accredited students, the Fondazione Bruno Kessler – in close synergy with the University of Trento – acts as a scientific and technological hub, its premises and platforms hosting a lively ecosystem of co-located ventures, spin-offs, projects and training opportunities.
2 (Prerequisites)
In view of the European “recovery and resilience policy” (Next Generation EU), the Fondazione Bruno Kessler is in the process of updating its organizational and operational statute.
The assumptions of this renewal – contained in the 2018-2027 Strategic Plan – rest on scientific excellence and innovation, financial autonomy and sustainability, transparent evaluation systems, and an innovative model of strategic marketing and business development.


3 (Goals)
The goals pursued by the Foundation in updating its organizational and operative model may be summarized as: broadening the horizon of its own research and social responsibility, stepping up integration of its own research and innovation lines and activities, increasing its appeal especially among young talents, working towards a new generational and gender balance, turning the skills of scientific management towards a “people oriented” managerial spirit.




30/07/2021, at 12.00 (noon, Italian time)




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