DG Research Survey – future options for Science in Society

“The DG Research & Innovation of the European Commission is running a public consultation process within the study “Interim evaluation and assessment of the future options for Science in Society (SiS) Actions

The public consultation process is based on a prospective analysis that aims to identify future policy options for the SiS-Programme regarding topics such as public engagement in science, science communication and education, ethics, gender, or open access. This survey is open to experts and the interested public alike. We hope that both groups will participate as we want to obtain as complete a picture as possible of the interests and opinions in the various communities.

The survey consists of seven thematic areas (e.g. gender, ethics, science communication, etc.), each of which contains max. 9 statements which you are asked to assess as an interested individual and / or based on your professional background. It is up to the respondents which topic(s) they want to select. Providing answers to each thematic area should not take more than approximately 10-15 minutes.

We kindly ask you to pass on the link to the survey via your respective national networks, newsgroups or personal contacts. Please feel free to post the link in thematically relevant social networks. We would also like you to consider distributing it via your mailing list and newsletters. It is vital that a diverse and geographically widespread audience participates in the survey to help draft the future policy options in the SiS-Programme.”

The survey can be accessed through
this link

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