Debating Europe – Work / Family Balance

Prof. Claudine Hermann, Vice-President of EPWS, was recently interviewed by Debating Europe about the work /family balance in Europe and the different approaches across the Union.
Concerning the number of women in University science studies, Prof Hermann said:

” The percentage of women science students in universities is high, but the people who end up in the most senior positions are mostly men. This is because of the way the careers are built and the problem of the biological clock. 
If you want a family, you cannot wait forever because you won’t be able to have children any more, and the conditions of instability in research positions, including changing countries several times over many years, and getting to a permanent position only very late in your life, is not something that helps women. 
If, at the political level, people want more women scientists, then they have to consider the working conditions.”

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