Dear Claudine, women scientists will always remember you!

One year ago, on July 17th, 2021, Prof. Claudine Hermann, former EPWS President and nominated Honorary President on 2021, passed away.

Claudine leaves an important handover in the commitment for the rights of women of science to EPWS and to all women of science. We cherish her memory with gratefulness and respect.

First woman ever appointed Professor at Ecole Polytechnique, awarded Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour, co-founder and first president of the French association Femmes & Sciences, Claudine Hermann served as a member of the first EPWS Board of Administration newly founded in 2005. For twelve years, she served on the EPWS Executive Committee: as the Platform’s Vice-President 2009-2017 and as its President 2017-2021. In recognition of her services and her dedication to the European Platform of Women Scientists EPWS, its Board of Administration in June 2021 elected her as EPWS Honorary President 2021.

Claudine Hermann awarded medal of Légion d’Honneur of the Republic of France

She was a wonderful and respected ambassador for EPWS and for the women in science.

She payed attention to networking within the numerous associations and members affiliated to the Platform. She had contacts with the crucial institutions deputed to the European research polices and disseminated information about them. She gave interviews and presentations at numerous high-level events and congresses. She considered important to inspire women and young generations to pursue their carriers in science.

Photo: Martine Lumbreras

To cherish her memory, EPWS is continuing with passion and motivation the engagement in the issues concerning the empowerment of women in science. Having had such an example of a “true women of science”, as well as a friend, we feel like we have received an important inheritance, a “passing of a torch”. Therefore, we will do the best we can to continue Claudine’s excellent work and mission.

In recognition of her services and her dedication to EPWS and to the cause of girls and women in science, EPWS will dedicate its next General Assembly and the Annual Conference 2022 to the memory of Prof. Claudine Hermann.

Thanks, Claudine!


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