Czech National Contact Centre for Women and Science – Newsletter

The first 2011 issue of the Czech National Contact Centre for Women and Science‘s newsletter is dedicated to the outcomes and conlusions of the 2nd national conference on women and science titled Gender as a social innovation. Equal opportunities in changing research environment. The conference was held on 22 September 2011 under the auspices of Senator Alena Gajduskova, President of the Czech Academy of Science Jiri Drahos, Deputy Minister for Higher Education and Research Ivan Wilhelm at the Ministry of Education, and Michal Broza, Director of the UN Information Centre in Prague.

The Centre is currently in progress of communicating the conclusions and outcomes to relevant stakeholders and hope to initiate negotiations about implementation of at least some of those recommendations.
You can find more information about the conference and the presentations at their website .

The Newsletter also brings you an interview with a postdoctoral fellow who was the first to challenge the well established practice at the Czech Research Council, which is to advise pregnant researchers/researchers with small babies to return grants because babies and grants don’t go together.

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