Creative Resilience: Art by Women in Science

UNESCO has organized a hybrid exhibition called Creative Resilience – Art by Women of ScienceThis exhibition shows more than 100 artworks by 54 women sci-artists, who are neuroscientists, microbiologists, doctors, nurses, medical students, researchers, science communicators, engineers and mathematicians of all ages and originating from 31 countries. Artworks were selected after a general call for contribution by UNESCO in July 2021. Women from all parts of the world, practicing or strongly affiliated to Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) were invited to share their stories, perspectives, and thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic packaged in artistic expressions.

Women scientists are less visible than their male counterparts. Through this exhibition, UNESCO seeks to give a voice to STEM women and give visibility to their unique scientific perspectives, personal journey, creations, and resilience throughout the pandemic. The exhibition has also been conceived to be used as an advocacy tool to inspire and motivate more women to embrace STEM studies and professions.

The Exhibition is essentially virtual, offering a walkthrough in VR galleries with several booths, presenting the artworks, narratives and bios of the authors. Additionally, UNESCO is offering in its headquarters in Paris, the possibility to see videos featuring the artworks in a dark room on a big screen. This part of the exhibition is open to the general public until 01 December 2021 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. Due to sanitary restrictions, a limited number of persons can visit simultaneously.
Registration is required and open here.

You may download the catalogue of the exhibition, you may visit the virtual galleries, and you may also watch the videos.



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