Conference: Hydrogeological Risk Management: Gender (Women-Men) Issue and Impacts


Thursday 29th October 2015
9:00 -17:30

Italian Senate – Sala Capitolare –
Chiostro del Convento di Santa Maria
sopra Minerva, Roma

The conference is organized by the Technical Committee for Hydrogeological Risk of Professional Engineers Registration Board of Rome, chaired by Maria Rosaria Di Lorenzo. The conference aims at involving participants in a discussion on gender-sensitive risk management and focuses on the importance of economic growth, social equality and environmental sustainability.

Today, there is a paramount convergence on the fact that gender matters when we face major challenges and change factors, nevertheless in water cycle and natural disaster risk management. In order for gender issues to be taken into account in disaster risk management and related decision-making, it is necessary to gather gender-disaggregated data with a systematic and comprehensive approach, as well as to increase availability of genderrelated indicators and methodologies.

The discussion is organized in three oral sessions and a follow-up session, focusing on the dimensions: hazard, hazard exposure, and risk management.

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