Complex Systems and Changes: Conference

ESF-COST High-Level Research Conference
Darwin and Evolution – Nature-Culture Interfaces

15 – 20 September 2009
Hotel Eden Roc, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain

2009 marks the bicentennial of Charles Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species.

Inspired by these events, ESF-COST are organising a multidisciplinary High-Level Conference at which different scientific domains, such as life sciences and medicine, humanities and social sciences, meet around the guiding mechanisms of evolution and the legacy of Charles Darwin.

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The conference will be organised around the following four basic Darwinian principles:

* Variation and diversity (variations among individuals form the driver of evolution);
* Abundance (more offspring (progeny) are produced than that grow to adulthood);
* Selection (the one that is best adapted to his environment, has more chance to survive);
* Reproduction and transfer (Organisms reproduce and pass-on their beneficial traits (inheritance))

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