Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality: Newsletter September 2017


The FEMM – Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality has published its September 2017 Newsletter.


Vilija BLINKEVIČIŪTĖ Chair of Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality © European Union 2014 – European Parliament


“The next FEMM committee meeting will take place on Monday 25 September 2017. As you can see, in the next weeks we are going to deal with topics related to economic and social affairs and the external dimension of women’s rights and gender equality. On the socio-economic field we are going to discuss on the empowerment of women from two different perspectives.

The situation of young women in terms of employment will be exhaustively debated in our committee meetings through the consideration of a draft opinion on the result of the implementation of the Youth Employment Initiative in the Member States. The exchange of views on contraception and family planning that will take place on the occasion of the World Contraception Day, has also a clear link to women’s empowerment and will tackle current issues on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Also in the economic field, the Committee will vote its position on the general budget of the EU for the financial year 2018.

On the external dimension of the remit of FEMM Committee, we will host the presentation of the framework of the EU’s external relations contribution to gender equality and women’s empowerment and we will assess its first year of implementation. Finally the Committee will debate its draft opinion on the 2016 Annual Report on human rights and democracy in the world and the EU’s policy on the matter.”


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