Call for Papers: SheScience, science from a gender perspective


Mètode Science Studies Journal – Annual Review (ISSN 2174-3487 – eISSN 2174-9221) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research, commentary and analysis on current research and science communication. The online version of the journal updates its content quarterly. Articles published in the online version are also collected in the printed Annual Review of the magazine.

“It is a fact that women have half or more of the total academic degrees, yet they are still pushed into the background in scientific positions of power and decision-making. In the same vein, there is more and more evidence every day that the non-inclusion of women as subject and object of science with the same conditions as men produces androcentrically biased science, harmful for both sexes.

We are preparing a monograph on this topic and we open a call for papers for researchers on the field, experts interested in sending research or analysis papers on the situation of women in science, the effects of androcentric bias in research and the potential changes of an inclusive scientific environment. The deadline for the submission of originals is 15 March 2016.

Please, check the author guidelines section before sending research papers for the monograph.”


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