Call for papers – Ártemis XXX: Women and Cities

ÁRTEMIS v. 30 n.1 (2020) – Issue to be published December 2020

Texts to be received until October 10, 2020

Languages accepted for publication – Portuguese – Spanish – French and English;

Women and cities

Inspired by themes developed in The Book of the city of ladies, by Christine de Pizan, our intention is to question and problematize the city –  Pizan’s one, in 1405, but also other kinds of contemporary cities. What kind of city may become better equipped for the inclusion of and dialogue with and on the benefit of women? Which spaces have been available to them in the cities or which ones have kept them out? Which women have built (female constructors or architectures), sewed, designed or written cities through their art and imagination? Women and cities should be the focus of articles we are willing to read and select for the next volume of Revista Ártemis through historical, political, cultural, artistic, social, inter and transdisciplinary viewpoints.

Call for papers and guidelines in English, Portuguese and French (pdf).


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