Call for Applications – Five College Women’s Studies Research Center

Five College Women’s Studies Research Center
2014-2015 Research Associate Program Call for Applications
The Five College Women’s Studies Research Center announces a call for applications and nominations for three categories of Associateships in 2014-2015 with a focus on: 
Intersectionalities in Feminist Science and Technology Studies
Description: As part of a two-year thematic focus at the Five College Women’s Studies Research Center, we invite proposals for interdisciplinary projects that address current research, teaching, and public engagement informed by emerging intersectionalities in feminist science and technology studies. Possible subjects may include, but are not limited to: biopolitics and paradigms of embodiment, critical race theories, digital technologies and bodies, environmental justice and sustainability, environmental degradation and indigenous struggles, food production and scarcities, gender-based scientific practices and theories, graphic medicine and the humanities, legal studies and biogenetics, nanotechnologies, new materialisms, reproductive technologies, interspecies studies, technologies of surveillance, and trans- or posthumanisms. Transnational perspectives are especially welcome.

Located in an area with one of the largest concentration of scholars dedicated to feminist scholarship and teaching in the world, the Center encourages engaged, critical feminist scholarship from diverse perspectives. During the period of appointment, all Associates are expected to be in residence in the Five College area, to attend weekly seminars, lead one public colloquium, and to collaborate with colleagues based at one or more of the Five College institutions. While at the Center, Associates are provided with an office at the Center and have access to Five College archival and other library resources. Travel, housing and living expenses are the responsibility of the Associate. Please note that Associates are expected to bring their own funding.

We welcome applications from colleagues worldwide for 2014-2015 Associateships in one of three categories:
Research Associateship: Colleagues with faculty status at institutions of higher learning are invited to apply.
Graduate Associateship in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Graduate students at the dissertation stage of their PhD with a research foci in Feminist Science and Technology Studies. This associateship provides opportunities to participate in Five College faculty seminars and workshops.
Alumnae Associateship: In the spirit of long-term collaboration between Research Associates and Five College Faculty, this Associateship is awarded to alumnae of the FCWSRC who propose 1) a joint research or teaching project with one or more colleagues located in the Five Colleges to be initiated in 2014-2015 or 2) the continuation of an established research or teaching project in 2014-2015 with one or more colleagues located in the Five Colleges.
Applicants should complete our online application at which will also require a project proposal (up to three pages in length), curriculum vitae, and contact information for two professional references. Project proposals should include 1) statement about the contribution to and significance of the project or dissertation for research and teaching in gender studies, 2) a detailed description of the project or dissertation and timeline, 3) a statement about the contribution and significance of your project or dissertation for research and teaching in gender studies and 4) how a stay in the Five Colleges will advance the project or dissertation. Alumnae Associates will be asked to provide the name(s) of their faculty partner(s) in the Five Colleges.

For more information, visit or contact or 413-538-2275. Applicants may also contact Karen Remmler, Center Director, at
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