CALL 3-2023-1 Transitional Predoc Contracts

Job Title: CALL 3-2023-1 Transitional Predoc Contracts

Closing Date: 24/03/2023

Job description

Who are we looking for ?

Would you like to work on cutting edge technological areas, such as artificial intelligence for wireless, neuromorphic computing, remote sensing, quantum communications, 6G satellite systems or ultra massive MIMO, among others?We are looking for candidates interested in pursuing a PhD under the funding of an official grant agency. To that effect, CTTC is offering transitional contracts of one year so that candidates can start working with us while they apply for pre-doc grants in official programs. They will be expected to prepare their application in collaboration with CTTC for submission to several official predoc fellowship programs.We are looking for highly motivated candidates, with a strong desire to learn and interest in performing cutting edge research in a truly international R&D center.

What do we offer?

We offer a predoc position (contract of one year). Candidates are expected to submit grant applications to the official predoctoral programs with a CTTC researcher as supervisor and accept the official grant if the application is eventually successful. This will be done under the guidance of a CTTC researcher.

Annual gross salary according to the profile of the candidate
Full-time contract: 7,5 h/day. Flexibility

CTTC category: R1. More information about CTTC professional categories can be found at this link: ( candidates may be considered even if they do not meet all the requirements.    Prospect start date: as soon as possible after the call is closed. Given the nature of this call, availability to start immediately will be positively valued.

Continuous training, access to lab facilities, state of the art infrastructure and polyvalent working spaces, participation in scientific events and R&D projects, complementary skills development.

Enrolment in a Phd Program (Phd fees paid by CTTC).    We have great benefits for employees:
Paid time off: vacation (33 working days per year), holidays, sick and parental leave and more.
Up to 3 days of Telework per week. Other requests may be studied to accommodate special needs.
Flexible working hours for work-life balance

Tax-free optional benefits: restaurant ticket, nursery ticket, transport pass, private health insurance for employees and family.Qualifications and Experience    We are looking for a highly motivated, enthusiastic, energetic person, aiming at significantly improving his or her career perspectives in both public and private sectors. The successful applicant should have the competencies of R1A category.    Required qualification/skills/experience of the candidates:

Candidates must have a Bachelor/Master degree and must be/have been enrolled in an official Telecom/Electrical Engineering/Computer Science/Geomatics Master program that provides subsequent access to a PhD program (or be enrolled in a PhD program in the same areas).
The last Bachelor/Master degree of the candidate have been obtained within the last three years (five years when crediting disabilities). For candidates having obtained their degree abroad, the three years (or five) will be considered from the date of recognition or homologation of the title in Spain
Candidates must not hold a PhD title.
Candidates must not have had any pre-doctoral contract such as FI/FPU/FPI grants or predoctoral contracts as specified in the law of Science and Technology (4/2011, June 1, art. 21).
Candidates must have a weighted average score of his/her Bachelor/Master degrees equal to or higher than 7.5 in a scale from 0 to 10 (see Submission procedure below for details on how this score is computed).

Other skills that are valuable, but not mandatory are:
Good competencies associated with their university degrees related to Telecom/Electrical Engineering/Computer Science/Geomatics.
Strong oral and written English communication skills.
Creativity, open-mindedness and integration skills are highly appreciated.    Selection criteria. Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
Weighted average score of the academic record of the candidate, computed as follows: the average score of the Bachelor Degree will be weighted by 80% and the average score of the Master Degree will be weighted by 20% (4 points). For foreign institutions, the score will be computed following equivalences established by the Spanish Ministry of Education:

Appropriateness of the background of the candidate in Telecoms/Electrical Engineering/ Computer Science/Geomatics, English skills and soft skills (3 points).
In cases where applicants obtain the same score, priority will be given to female candidates and applicants from underrepresented minorities.Even if you do not meet all the requirements, we encourage you to apply.The candidates’ past performance but also future potential will be considered as criteria for selecting researchers.

How to apply?

All applications must include:    A PDF document including (2 pages max): (i) Name of the candidate (ii) brief CV of the candidate, (iii) a paragraph with a description of the topics/area of interest (iv) preferred research unit and/or supervisor (optional).
Official academic record of the candidate corresponding to his/her Bachelor and Master degree studies, including the date where the corresponding title was obtained and the average score, computed according to the criteria in Real Decreto 1125/2003 (September 5).The application documents must be submitted in pdf format through this online application.