Breaking the glass ceiling for women and girls in science




“Excellent science and innovation require the talents of both women and men. But there are still too few female scientists occupying top positions in scientific decision-making.”

Prof. Claudine Hermann, Vice-President of the European Platform of Women Scientists and Honorary President of Femmes & Sciences, writes “Breaking the glass ceiling for women and girls in science” on behalf of EPWS, an article about the multiple steps taken by European institutions and many EPWS member associations in Europe towards achieving gender equality, the understanding and integration of the gender dimension in science and research.

The article highlights actions by Amonet in Portugal, the Women in Physics Group of the Institute of Physics in the United Kingdom, and the associations Femmes & Sciences, femmes et mathématiques and Femmes Ingénieurs in France.

The article is one of EPWS’ contributions to the United Nations International Day of Women and Girls in Science – observed annually on 11 February.


“The world of science needs to become accessible for everyone – women and girls included”

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