One Tenure-track group leader / Assistant Professor: Designer Matter at AMOLF

The Designer Matter program at AMOLF invite applications for a tenure-track group leader position within the program.




The research institute AMOLF (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) is looking for a tenure-track group leader in the field of Designer Matter. In this emerging field, scientists from different disciplines, including physicists, chemists, materials scientists, computational scientists, and engineers, come together to dream of, create and investigate wholly new types of matter. Key aims are to develop new techniques to create such smart materials, to explore and to invent novel functionalities, and to address the design – or inverse – problem.

For this opening, possible topics are:
– metamaterials and systems that process information;
– spatiotemporally complex chemical pathways and assembly;
– the use of machine learning to analyse and design new materials.
Other inspiring research topics in this area will also be considered.

The candidate’s independent research group will be embedded in the Designer Matter department at AMOLF. This Department currently comprises four groups that work in a strongly collaborative atmosphere and that cover fundamental and application-driven science, bridging physics, chemistry and engineering. The department has strong connections to industry, and is active in fields ranging from mechanical metamaterials and soft robotics to chemical self-assembly and spectroscopy.


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Deadline April 10 2020

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