AMONET session at IPE, Lisbon, on 11 February 2020

On the 11 February 2020, AMONET was invited to the Instituto dos Pupilos do Exército (IPE), a military school for boys created in 1911 in Lisbon, where girls have been admitted since the past 40 years. A session was held for over 90 students and teachers during the celebrations of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. In the session an introduction was first made on the genesis of AMONET, its activities and membership in EPWS, also involving launching questions that were the starting point for a lively session about the significance of the female presence in Sciences and the challenges they face.



AMONET members Isabel Lousada and Mariana Soler presented for the first time the project W_Impact_S (Women_Impact Science).  The purpose of this project is to identify which and how women are portrayed in important science communication spaces and to propose ways of enhancing the image of women scientists in the various regions of Portugal. The project is in partnership with the network of Ciência Viva Centers across Portugal.

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