Advertising Guidelines

In agreement with EPWS objectives and concerns, and subject to the decision of the Platform, job advertisements fulfilling the following criteria may be published on the EPWS website upon request:

  • offering scientific positions that require a completed degree or PhD positions, in academia, research and funding institutions, scientific journals, the business or the non-profit sector, and
  • containing a special reference indicating the sincere interest of the advertising institution to hire women for the job in question by integrating a wording in their advertisement like:
    [name of the advertising institution] is dedicated to promoting the role of women in science, and, therefore, explicitly invites women to apply.


For EPWS non-member organisations, up to 3 job advertisements per calendar year per institution will be published free of charge. For any additional advertisements to be published, the advertising institution is requested to:

  • make a donation to EPWS of at least 500€ for the next 3 job advertisements.




For the job advertisement publication kindly fill out the form




The job advertisement will be published in the Careers Section of the EPWS website ( during the application period and be deleted thereafter.