4 Postdoctoral COFUND-MSCA positions in Prehistory and Human Evolution studies

As a MSCA fellowship the researchers will work in their own projects under supervision during a two-years contract. R2STAIR H2020-MSCA-COFUND-2020 Programme is planned to boost the career prospective of junior R2 fellows (PhD holders who are not fully independent yet) by training their previous skills through the entire research life cycle in Prehistory and Human Evolution studies (from fieldwork to a societal impact through heritage enhancement).



IPHES-CERCA aims at improving its gender balance, both in its selection panels, as well as among the recruited Fellows, following our gender equality plan. The target of the R2STAIR programme is a ratio men/women of 50/50%. The success ratio of men/women will be monitored throughout the programme development showing whether specific measures should be implemented to target one of the genders.


R2STAIR has the collaboration of different Partner Organisations (Research Institutes, Universities, Museums and City Councils), willing to host specialised secondments, as well as to provide short and medium internships, with specific first-hand training in ongoing processes of heritagisation promoted by IPHES-CERCA http://www.iphes.cat/. However, according to the ‘Individual driven mobility principle’, the applicants in accordance with her/his supervisor/s are free to choose other alternative entities to complete a mandatory secondment and internship in her/his project.

R2STAIR are primarily based on a list of 22 potential supervisors from IPHES-CERCA senior research staff to cover the supervision in 7 research areas belonging to the programme. In addition, in R2STAIR there is a list of potential Host Institutions and co-supervisors for the secondments. However, according to the ‘Individual driven mobility principle’, the proposals can involve other entities from the secondment and also other co-supervisors, in a previous agreement with the main IPHES-CERCA supervisor and a proved approval by a specific official letter of acceptance from the proposed co-supervisor and her/his Host Secondment http://www.iphes.cat/r2stair-msca-cofund.


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Friday, 23 July 2021 – 17:00 (Brussels time)

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