15 PhD positions on MSCA ITN “GECKO” – Accountable AI for a Sustainable Future

Our GECKO EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network is currently looking for 15 highly motivated early stage researchers (ESRs), of any nationality, to work within 9 European academic and industrial institutions.



All institutions in the consortium are dedicated to promoting the role of women in science, and, therefore, explicitly invites women to apply.

Smart technology is everywhere – in our homes, pockets, and networks. Is smarter use of energy essential for low-carbon energy systems of the future? Or is smartness just a buzzword for new gadgets that require ever-more energy and worsen the digital divide? Smart technology is a mass of hopes, fears and contradictions. GECKO will explore interpretable and explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to mitigate unintentional harm to end users caused by the ever-growing spectrum of poorly designed machine learning models, going beyond image and NLP applications.

GECKO PhDs offers a unique opportunity to untangle relations between sustainability, technologies and people. The interdisciplinary ‘GECKO’ network connects world-leading teams of social, computer and information scientists working on smart technology, AI, human-computer interaction, sustainability, climate change, and responsible innovation.


Applications here.

More information here.

Deadline: 31/03/2021


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