11 PhD positions (Early Stage Researchers) in Marie Skłodowska Curie ITN “ConCO2rde”

ConCO2rde (www.conco2rde.eu) is a Marie Skłodowska Curie Innovative Training Network (EJD) funded by the European Commission, which aims to develop processes for the utilization of renewable resources by CO2-fixing microorganisms.

The ConCO2rde EJD will train 11 ESRs in cutting edge research projects on

(i) the combination of synthetic biology approaches with metabolic and process engineering to create an efficient route from CO2 fixation to the production of chemicals,

(ii) H2/CO2/O2-based fermentation and process intensification in order to optimize commercially relevant processes together with industry,

(iii) defining a road-map for the industrial implementation of autotrophic biotransformations.



The double degree program allows in-depth training in two complementary disciplines, further strengthened by a transferable skills training with strong industry participation.

The ConCO2rde consortium consists of one translational institute, six universities, nine industrial partners and one cluster, providing the ideal environment to foster complementary expertise in synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, biocatalysis, process engineering and analytics. As a double degree program, the EJD allows 11 ESRs to explore two of these disciplines in-depth and collaborate with scientists from the other fields, which would be very difficult to realize otherwise.

ConCO2rde thus provides a critical mass and a carefully selected consortium for a successful innovative implementation of processes utilizing H2 as energy-source for (bio)catalytic reactions, and CO2 as exclusive carbon source, which will stimulate progress on the way to improve sustainability implementing ‘Green Chemistry’ in the chemical industry, a key sector in Europe.

This pioneering EJD program will train the first generation of scientists in autotrophic biotransformations with skills in synthetic biology, enzyme catalysis and process engineering to address the development of most advanced gas-driven whole-cell reactions for chemical manufacturing at large scales. That requires an interdisciplinary and intersectoral approach and training, which will involve both female and male executives in the academic research and industrial environment.


More information and applications: https://www.conco2rde.eu/recruitment/

Deadline: 15.2.2021


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