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The European Platform of Women Scientists EPWS is an international non-profit umbrella organisation bringing together networks of women scientists and organisations committed to gender equality.

We work towards the integration of the gender dimension in science and research in the European Union and the countries associated with the EU Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development.

Our mission is to give women researchers at all stages of their career-paths a voice in the European research policy debate, by forging a link between women scientists and European research policy-makers at EU level.

Since its inception in 2005, more than 100 associations from 40 countries have joined the Platform as members, together representing more than 12.000 women researchers with varied disciplinary expertise.

Strengthened by the disciplinary and geographical diversity of its membership and its highly profiled Board of Administration, the Platform is an established stakeholder in European and national research policy debates.

In the field of research, EPWS is a broker for cooperation among its member networks and other stakeholders, facilitating projects and interchanges.

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