Interview of the Month: Dutch Network of Women Professors – LNVH (03/2017)

Every month, for you, EPWS presents the characteristics and activities of one Member Association. Read all the previous Interviews with our Members here   Our member for March is the Dutch association Dutch Network of Women Professors (Landelijk Netwerk Vrouwelijke Hoogleraren, LNVH) For LNVH, the full board has accepted to answer the EPWS questionnaire. From left to right: ...
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Prof. Dr. Jeanine L. Olsen

Prof. Dr. Jeanine L. Olsen obtained her PhD from the University of California-Berkeley (USA). She is Chair of the Department of Marine Benthic Ecology & Evolution of the Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Research at the University of Groningen. She is also Head of the Gender Action Plan for the FP7 NoE Marine Genomics Europe.
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Netwerk voor Informaticae Mathematicae en Fysicae (NIMF) / Network for Informatics, Mathematics and Physics

NIMF is the national network for women who are active in mathematics, physics, astronomy and computer science, as well as in related studies such as artificial intelligence, geology and chemical technology – all being scientific fields in which women are in the minority. NIMF’s goal is to improve women’s involvement in science and to share (practical) experiences and information. www.stichtingn...
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Netwerk voor vrouwen uit de aardwetenschappen (GAIA) / Network for Women in Earth Sciences

Founded in 1998, GAIA offers women with a background in earth sciences an opportunity to meet and network. It also offers them support for their career development. In dialogue with employers and educational institutes, GAIA aims to contribute to the realisation of a more diverse and gender equal working environment and a better use of the female potential in earth sciences.
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Delft Women in Science (DEWIS)

Delft Women in Science is the network for female scientists within the Delft University of Technology. Established in 2006, DEWIS has 650 female scientists as members. The network offers women the opportunity to get to know each other and to exchange knowledge and experience; encourages, stimulates and supports young academic staff to build up a career in science; functions as a sounding board for...
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Centre for Gender and Diversity

The Centre for Gender and Diversity was established in 1998 at the University of Maastricht. The establishment of the Centre provided a structural and institutional basis for tuition and research in the field of Gender Studies at the University of Maastricht. The Centre primarily focuses on being male or female as a formative social, cultural, economic and symbolic system. Being male or female as ...
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