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EPWS 2012 report to the French Ministry of Higher Education

  COMPARATIVE STUDY OF MEASURES TO RAISE WOMEN STUDENTS’ AWARENESS TO SCIENTIFIC CAREERS AND TO GENDER ISSUES IN DIFFERENT EUROPEAN COUNTRIES   The objective of the present study is first to inform the Mission of the Parity and the Struggle against Discriminations (MIPADI) of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research on the ways, in several member States of the European U...
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Benchmarking Report – French Ministry of Higher Education

  At the end of 2011, EPWS produced a benchmarking report for the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, on the way that different EU member states are organised to answer European calls on gender in research or research on gender, or to integrate gender in their research groups’ answers to European calls. To answer these questions, the first section of the report describes w...
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EU 2020 public consultation : first responses

"Around 1500 contributions have been received from a wide range of interested parties: Member States, European and national organisations, European and national social partners, regional and local authorities, business and professional federations, companies, NGOs, think tanks and academics and numerous European citizens. Some non-EU countries and stakeholders also responded.A first overview of re...
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European Commission involves stakeholders to enhance the impact of science in society

"The European Commission has just selected 15 excellent projects in the area of 'Science in Society' which aim at facilitating and improving the relationship between the scientific community, citizens and policy makers. The projects, which cover topics such as gender, ethics, classroom innovation and science governance, involve 180 participants from 15 consortia. The project partners come from all...
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