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Interview of the Month: WINGS (10/2017)

Every month, for you, EPWS presents the characteristics and activities of one Member Association. Read all the previous Interviews with our Members here Our member for September is the Swedish association WINGS.   For WINGS, Dr. Johanna Stadmark (JS), researcher at the Department of Geology, Lund University, Sweden, co-ordinator of WINGS, has agreed to answer the EPWS questionnair...
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Master of Science Programme, Social Studies of Gender at Lund University

  The Master of Science in Social Studies of Gender at the Lund University is an interdisciplinary social science master's programme which aims to provide students with the core elements through which current feminist theories, in dialogue with established academic disciplines, have contributed to the understanding of broader social processes. The major objective of the programme is to i...
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Women, research and universities: excellence without gender bias

  Main authors: Katrien Maes, Chief Policy Officer of LERU, Jadranka Gvozdanovic, Head of the Gender Equality Commission at the Universität Heidelberg, Simone Buitendijk, Vice-Rector at the Universiteit Leiden, Ingalill Rahm Hallberg, Former Vice-Rector at Lunds universitet, Brigitte Mantilleri, Head of the Unit for Gender and Equality at the Université de GenèveA powerful and internation...
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Gender Bias in leading scientific journals

"Great strides have been made in gender equality over the last decade and western women generally have the same opportunities in science as men. Researchers from Lund University show that there are still areas where gender bias is evident.In the August 30 of Nature, researchers have found that a much lower percentage of women were invited to write articles in News & Views in Nature and Perspec...
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