gender issues

Conference: Hydrogeological Risk Management: Gender (Women-Men) Issue and Impacts

Thursday 29th October 2015 9:00 -17:30 Italian Senate – Sala Capitolare - Chiostro del Convento di Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Roma The conference is organized by the Technical Committee for Hydrogeological Risk of Professional Engineers Registration Board of Rome, chaired by Maria Rosaria Di Lorenzo. The conference aims at involving participants in a discussion on gender-sensitive...
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Interview of the month: Mnémosyne (2/2015)

Every month, EPWS presents the characteristics and activities of one Member Association. Read all the previous Interviews with our Members here   Our Member for February 2015 is the French association Mnémosyne - association pour le développement de l’histoire des femmes et du genre Association website: Contact this association: www.mnemosyne.asso...
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EPWS 2012 report to the French Ministry of Higher Education

  COMPARATIVE STUDY OF MEASURES TO RAISE WOMEN STUDENTS’ AWARENESS TO SCIENTIFIC CAREERS AND TO GENDER ISSUES IN DIFFERENT EUROPEAN COUNTRIES   The objective of the present study is first to inform the Mission of the Parity and the Struggle against Discriminations (MIPADI) of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research on the ways, in several member States of the European U...
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