Founding Board


The Founding Board was the democratic decision-making body of the Platform of Women Scientists until the formal establishment as an AISBL. The composition of the Founding Board reflected the inclusiveness of the organisation with a representative cross-section of countries, disciplines, mentalities, institutions and organisations.

Even though sole contractor of the project phase, CEWS has enlisted a broad range of individuals to act together as the Founding Board of the Platform, many of whom were already instrumental in the process leading up to the Platform:

Prof. Mineke Bosch

Dr. Adelheid Ehmke

Prof. Gillian A. Gehring

Mag.a Gabriele Gerhardter

Prof. Claudine Hermann

Prof. Liisa Husu

Prof. Hagit Messer-Yaron

Dr. Brigitte Mühlenbruch

Prof. Ana I. Proykova

Begoña Sanchez

Dr. Isabelle Schön

Dr. Flavia Zucco

By pooling the support, advice and experience of this group of senior women scientists, complementarity and multidisciplinarity are assured from the very beginning.

During its 1st Meeting on 31 March – 1 April 2005 in Brussels the Founding Board approved a set of draft statutes, decided on the name of the organisation, discussed the presence on the web, and the recruitment of senior staff positions.

With and after its second meeting in November the Founding Board was replaced by the first Board of Administration. This Board will act in the best interest of the EPWS until the first full General Assembly due to take place in January 2007 (in accordance with AISBL regulations).